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Limited Time Only

For the time being I only have a limited amount of time to write posts as my job is keeping me very busy. Just today started in a new office space with a new set of people and a ton of new software to learn.

Still adjusting to not being able to just up and go do what I want when I want. Punching a time clock is not something I’ve had to do in a very very long time. Extra hours is extra pay which I can really use and part of me want to get in as much as I can. But I have to shift that thought process some to account for me time and time for my wife and I. All work and no play make me a very boring person/friend/lover/etc. Ok, repeatedly saying my wife and or my last girlfriend is just bugging me. so wife will be D and girlfriend will be Q. I think it will be easier that way: if I can remember to do it.

I think some time for reading would be good for me too. Recently found and got a book that I was addicted to reading as a teenager. A friend loaned it to me and forgot I had it. Smut, true paperback 80’s porn. Growing up in a religious household, father was a Baptist preacher, I kept it hidden well. I read it all the time as it was the only written form of erotica I could get my hands on. Yes I have porn in other forms but I needed more stimulation than just pictures. This book was it and it never seemed to get old for me.

Holding the book in my hand today it seems a lot thinner than I remember but the picture on the front can not be mistaken. A blond in a skin tight red jumpsuit, sequined jacket, while thumbing through a book in a library all while posing seductively. A story of this beautiful reporter traveling the world to interview writers in different genres and sleeping with them all. Gender didn’t matter to her, she just had fun with each one. One of my first journeys into a world where they didn’t seem to care what sex or gender you were. To my young mind this was heaven, this was the world I wanted to live in; not the overly restrictive world of my parents and their beliefs.

To add to this I have also finally gotten the most recent book in my favorite series. The Marketplace by Laura Antoniou. I must read…I was going to say if you like your sex kinky but I think everyone should read it. She is brilliant in her look at people, the way they react to one another and their surrounding, especially when those surrounding are totally out of there control. You fall in love with the characters, even the ones you hate because they are so well written. You get to a glimpse into a world that some wish was truly a place.

So now I have no time and two books I want badly to bury my brain in. Two worlds I need desperately to go back too from time to time just to have a break from this one. And did I mention not a lot of time to visit either?

Oh well. So time management is what I need to get back into before I go insane. A little reading, some debauchery with D, and some sleep might also be good in there. I also desperately want some debauchery with Q but distance is not in my favor with that and I think some more talking as well.

More later


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