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Taking My Own Advice, Sort of…

Ok, been almost a week since writing; been busy. Work has been good but frustrating. I love learning new software but I’m feeling old and slow at the moment. I’ve been thrown into a team of very young programmers and am having to learn all new languages to get up to where they are. I fight every day to get out of bed and go to work. I’m not used to being the dumbest person in a room and that is how I feel here. At least for now. I just have to keep telling myself this won’t last and I will get caught up with them. But for now, it is hard.

As the title says I took a bit of my own advice and picked up one of my books. I’m not a fast reader so after a week I’m only 174 pages into it. Not that I have had a lot of time. The story is great so far but filled to the rim with emotions. I think I cried through over half of it so far. Oh, don’t get me wrong, it is also full so great sex, characters, and all the other great things I love Laura’s books for. I’m not really going to put spoilers here so that is about all you get.

Background info:

I met Q online in a MMORPG type world. It was a world base on the book series by Laura I’m reading. We hit it off online before we knew anything about the real people behind the fake characters we had created for our selfs. We eventually became more into each other and our real lives than the game world. I met Q in person the first time at a weekend convention for kink. We spent so much time touching, playing, and talking. It was great but sadly came to an end too quickly.

I met D online as well, years earlier. Back then it was dial-up modems and online chat rooms. We met in person shortly after talking online when came into the home of the guy was trying to get into a DnD game with; she lived next door to him. More story on this later, maybe.

I met Laura at the same weekend convention with Q. I was a bit distracted with Q to spend to much time with Laura but it was nice to meet her. Recently I found an antique book I knew she would want so posted it to her on Facebook. She did want it and offered to pay or trade for it. I told her “Nonsense, your world brought Q into mine. A debt I can never repay. I will always be at your service.” And sent it to her. Might have been a bit cheesy but it is how I feel. 

On a different note. The wife is out with her new fling today. We have talked a bit about what she is allowed to do: she asked. All I said was “You made rules for me, follow them.” Pretty simple I think, but I’m sure she will not find then that way. I’ve already caught her lying to him at least twice on the phone. Not sure that is a good start to a relationship. But I will stay out of it unless asked. My number one rule in a relationship is “truth”, in everything but I have to admit seeing her lie that easily to someone else she says she loves tickles the back of my brain and makes me wonder…

More later



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