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Let me explain the speed limit

“Just so you are not surprised by this later, he wants to do a handfasting with both of us sometime soon.”

D and I were on our way to get breakfast this morning when out of the blue she said that, hesitantly. Stopped at a red light I turned to look at her; a weird look on her face. I just stared at her for a moment as finished with.

“I know, he needs to throttle it back a bit.”

I nodded.

“A bit? Not anytime in the next year at the soonest would I even consider talking about something like that.”

I simply told her she needed to get to know him a lot better than she did now before I would even get involved. She needs to get past the guilt she feels for loving someone other me before any larger relationship would ever work. She is so cute most days, asking how I feel if she is hurting me, and worrying about my emotions in all this. I’m trying very hard to put her at ease and let her know I am ok with this. I don’t want to push her toward him or pull her back. She needs to experience all the sensations that go with new love.



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