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Running out of Fuse Quickly

I really do have a good temper, haven’t always. There was a time in my life when I repaired walls a lot and bandaged my hands. But learned it is just not worth it: either my time nor my energy. But being told, not asked for discussion, that there was going to be a wedding involving… Continue reading Running out of Fuse Quickly

Daily · Love & Relationships · Polyamory

Taking My Own Advice, Sort of…

Ok, been almost a week since writing; been busy. Work has been good but frustrating. I love learning new software but I’m feeling old and slow at the moment. I’ve been thrown into a team of very young programmers and am having to learn all new languages to get up to where they are. I… Continue reading Taking My Own Advice, Sort of…

Daily · Love & Relationships · Polyamory

Love life, The good, the Bad, the Ugly

My life, like a lot of people’s, is complicated. The relationship end of it, even more so. I love my wife more than life and she loves me. We’ve had our ups and downs almost divorcing at several points, but love wins. Neither one of us, it turns out, was what the other was looking for but… Continue reading Love life, The good, the Bad, the Ugly